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We would like to thank the following people for allowing the use of their photographs on this website. Without the time and trouble taken by the following people we would not have such valued photographs depicting the history of CRG/ERG163 as well as Crosville and the wider bus industry. Our grateful thanks to you for documenting the history of transport and that of CRG163 in context of our website. Thank you.

  • Andrew Hamer
  • Andrew Marks
  • Arwyn Herald
  • Clive A. Brown
  • Dave Cousins
  • Derek Thompson
  • Dewi Roberts
  • Dominic Eaton
  • Don McKewon
  • Duncan Roberts
  • E. A. Allison, Crosville Motor Services Ltd
  • Geoff Smith
  • Gethin Jones
  • Gordon Bate
  • Graham Senior
  • Graham Warren
  • Grahame Wareham
  • John Carter
  • John F Baker
  • John Buchan
  • John Lee
  • Malcolm Cowtan
  • Martin Pinnington
  • Mike Street
  • Neil Halliday
  • Robert Brian Humphreys
  • Robert J Montgomery
  • Stephen Monaghan
  • Tom Lynn

The origins of some of the photographs are unknown and have been depicted as such. However please do get in touch through e-mail if you have any details such as location, dates or if you are the photographer so that the correct acknowledgements can be added or the photos removed if preferred by the owner.

Thank you.


In memory of the late and great Derek Thompson from Crosville’s Caernarfon depot, sitting behind the wheel of preserved CRG163.  It was Derek that supplied me with the ’NATIONAL‘ corporate design specifications for me to use with CRG163.  A life long dear friend to so many of us from the Crosville family.

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If you have any photos or related information about CRG163 or any information on the parts presently required then please e-mail me, Richard Jones at .  Many thanks in advance.

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