Richard Lewis

Memories of ERG163 at Amlwch

Richard Lewis worked for Crosville and then Crosville Wales as a driver at the company’s Amlwch depot.  He would drive on all the local bus routes operated by the company and also on the X10 Saturday express service between Cemaes Bay and Liverpool.

Richard would also frequently drive ERG163 from the depot and remembers one very amusing story with the vehicle on his return to the depot at one time as follows.

“I remember Dafydd the fitter at Crosville’s Amlwch depot when I came back once from Bangor with ERG163 and noticed a loose piece of rubber on one of the sky lights.  I mentioned this to Dafydd who climbed onto a ladder and went on the roof of the vehicle to fix it.  The next thing I heard was Bert the cleaner shouting and swearing as Dafydd had fallen through the skylight right on top of him who was inside cleaning.  Happy days.”

Richard Lewis is seen here on his way to Bangor behind the wheel of ERG163 on route N62 from Cemaes Bay with Amlwch seen in the background.

Dafydd the mechanic and Bert the cleaner at Amlwch depot standing in front of fire damaged SRG118 (AFM118G - Bristol RELL6G Eastern Coach Works bodywork).

ERG163 peering out of Crosville’s Amlwch depot.

Richard Lewis behind the wheel of ERL310 preparing to depart on the N2 service from Amlwch to Holyhead, parked at Crosville’s Amlwch depot parking situated next to the depot.

Richard Lewis can be seen here behind the wheel of ERL310 at Skelhorne Coach Station Liverpool having driven the X10 express coach route from Cemaes Bay/Amlwch.

The Crosville company was no stranger to Richard’s family as his late Father, Mr D. G. Lewis also worked for the company from it’s Bangor depot.

The image below is of the cover of Crosville’s internal staff magazine titled ‘Crosville United’.  Within this issue there is an article of the first scheduled coach service between Bangor and Cheltenham driven by drivers D. G. Lewis and R. R. Griffiths.

Richard Lewis, driver at Crosville Motor Services/Crosville Wales, Amlwch depot retired