A positive week for CRG163

Am wythnos i CRG163. Mae hi'n bendant yn dod yn ôl!

Roedd bore Sadwrn diwethaf yn gychwyniad cynnar wrth iddi gael ei symud i leoliad arall fel bod ei loceri yn ogystal â’i ffrâm bren isaf sy’n dal pob locer yn ei le yn cael eu hailadeiladu’n llwyr dros yr wythnos cyn ei nôl heddiw.

Mae hyn yn parhau i fod yn waith ar y gweill a diolch yn fawr iawn i ffrind annwyl iawn a saer coed hollol wych Sion Lloyd. Am saer coed a hanner ac yn medru gwneud cyn gymaint o bethau eraill, yn fanwl iawn ac yn cael ei hargymell yn fawr. Yn hollol anhygoel. Diolch Sion am bopeth!!

Gorffennwyd heddiw gyda golchfa bum awr a hanner gyda glanhawr diwydiannol o'r to yn ei gyfanrwydd i lawr i bopeth arall yn cynnwys pob ffenestr mewn manylder. Am wahaniaeth wnaeth hyn!


What a week for CRG163.  She’s definitely making a comeback!

Last Saturday morning was an early start as she was moved to another location so that her lockers as well as her lower wooden frame that holds each locker in place was totally rebuilt over the week before being picked up today.

This continues to be work in progress and my grateful thanks to a very dear friend and an absolutely fantastic carpenter Sion Lloyd.  What a carpenter and a half and all rounder, very meticulous and highly recommended.  Absolutely amazing.  Thank you Sion for everything!!

Today was finished off with a proper five and a half hour wash with industrial cleaning from the roof in its entirety right down to everything else inclding each window in absolute detail.  What a difference this made!

An early start last Saturday morning as we prepare to move CRG163 to a new temporary location that will allow the removal of lockers and perished vehicle lower wooden frame that holds all lockers in place.

This is Sion, a dear friend and absolutely fantastic carpenter.  This photograph is of Sion being meticulous by adding a temporary plastic cover to the nearside front 9 foot locker as it is bring prepared to be reunited with the vehicle.  Sion has reinforced the locker due to its length to make sure its rigidity and straightness is maintained.

Sion, deep in concentration as he continues the work on the front 9 foot long locker.

The old wooden frame that once supported the long 9 foot front locker after removal.

The offside front nine foot long locker now in place, looking brilliant in its place.

CRG163 peering out of the workshop having had a dull week’s work on the lockers and lower vehicle wooden frame.

A quick photograph of Sion and myself as we make our way back from the workshop in which CRG163 has had substantial work done over the past week with grateful thanks to my dear friend Sion.

Another quick photograph on the way back from the workshop with CRG163’s side lockers looking fantastic.

A thoroughly deep external clean follows over five and a half hours.  The Crosville name proudly appears on the side mid panel on CRG163, exactly as it would have appeared between 1972 and 1979.  Unbelievable to think that such a name associated with bus and coach travel across North and Mid Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire has all gone with not trace at all bar preserved vehicles, enthusiasts websites and social media groups.

A nearside front view of CRG163 during its deep external clean.

CRG163 basks in the sunshine following a thorough deep external clean covering every inch of its entire body, from the roof, all windows and every panel.

Another image of a clean CRG163 as sunset approaches.

Another image of a clean CRG163 as sunset approaches showing the clean straight lines of the rebuilt offside front locker.

As sunset comes, CRG163 is looking fantastic having had her external lockers rebuilt and a thorough external deep clean.  The locker work isn’t quite completed but the work continues.

A nearside image of CRG163 as sunset sets in as the vehicle proudly displays her rebuilt lockers.  This is work in progress, but wow what progress over a week with grateful thanks to my dear friend Sion.

This is Sion’s business card and is highly recommended for his workmanship, precision, care and quality.  Sion lives in the Caernarfon area.  If you have any woodwork, double glazing or anything else you need, give him a call for a quote and visit his website. 

Click on this image to take you to Sion’s website.