A productive Saturday afternoon

A very productive afternoon with CRG163.

Cleaning the interior saloon including cab area revealing seat cushions from CRG28 and Amlwch depot.  Thought straight away of Richard Lewis and Bob Moelfre ✅

Fitting new headlamp and fog light bulbs (with grateful thanks to Roger Downs for the bulbs!) ✅

All lights now working - internal saloon and exterior ✅

Vehicle destination gear now working properly ✅

Initial successful inspection ✅

Another successful road run ✅

Bulbs changed with all lights now working - thank you Roger for the bulbs!

A good clean of the saloon with every light now working.

The saloon seen from rear to front with interior lights working.

CRG163’s cab all clean.  Painting will be next!

One of the passenger seat cushions on CRG163 showing a chalked reference to CRG28 and Crosville’s Amlwch depot.  Richard Lewis, Bob Moelfre and Dewi Roberts sprung to mind instantly.

Another passenger seat cushion reveals CRG28 and Amlwch.

A third passenger cushion reveals Amlwch.

The underneath of a fourth passenger cushion reveals CRG28 and Amlwch whilst cleaning the saloon this afternoon.

CRG163 is on the pit and testing every light possible.  A brilliant image of the cab area.

A Saturday end of afternoon short road run to finish off the day.