Another special reunion

Heddiw cawsom rywun arbennig iawn yn cael ei aduno gyda CRG163 heb weld y cerbyd ers nifer o flynyddoedd. Mae'r person yma yn arbennig iawn, iawn i mi ac nawr i fy mechgyn ac wedi fy helpu mewn cyn gymaint o ffyrdd gyda'r gwaith o adfer CRG163 pan ddechreuodd ein taith yn ôl yn 2002. Mae arnaf ddyled fawr i'r person arbennig hwn, nid yn unig mewn perthynas â CRG163. Diolch yn fawr iawn Dad (Richard Lloyd Jones) am bopeth. Mae Gethin a minnau yn falch iawn dy fod wedi cael diwrnod gwych hefo ni. ❤️

Today we had someone very special reunited with CRG163 having not seen the vehicle for a number of years.  This very, very special person to me and now my boys has helped me in so many ways with the restoration of CRG163 when our journey started back in 2002.  I owe a lot to this special person, not just in relation to CRG163.  Thank you Dad / Grandad for everything.  Gethin and I are very pleased you had a great day with us. ❤️

My Dad today (03.04.24) seen in one of the passenger coach seats on CRG163.

Our market day run out today (03.04.24) with my Father and youngest son.

My Dad standing in front of CRG163 today (03.04.24) following our market day run out.

Our new nearside window sticker for CRG163 promoting its website and specific QR code.

Back to 2002 - 2004

The following photographs were taken between June 2002 and April 2004 as CRG163’s lockers were being inspected for repair before moving on to preparing the vehicle’s body for a full respray into ‘NATIONAL’ white.

My Dad and I inspecting the long 9 foot nearside front locker in June 2002.

The nearside front locker is now removed in the hands of my Dad on the left and myself on the right of the image back in June 2002.

My Dad can be seen here under the nearside rear engine locker location inspecting the woodwork for replacement and repair in early 2004.

My Dad standing next to CRG163 as the vehicle body is being prepared for a respray, early 2004.

My Dad is seen here sanding the roof of CRG163 in preparation for respray.  It took both of us many days to complete this task at the time in early 2004.

More reunions will be undertaken over the coming twelve months as we continue to reunite those whom have had a very strong connection with CRG/ERG163 over the years.