Charging issues sadly continue - a quick run around the block to keep the wheels turning

16 February 2024

The modified regulator control board has now been fitted but sadly the charging issues continue.  Further investigation is now required of the wiring so that the fault can be isolated and rectified.

In an attempt to resolve the charging issues so far on CRG163 the following has been undertaken:

  • alternator removed and professionally checked ✅
  • new batteries purchased and fitted ✅
  • new regulator purchased and fitted ✅
  • new regulator control board tracked down in France, purchased and fitted having been modified to work with CRG163’s electrical system ✅
  • further investigation of wiring to take place

Whilst the work continues to isolate the fault it is important to ensure that the wheels on CRG163 keep on turning.  The following videos and photographs are from today’s impromptu run around the block to keep things turning.

The following photographs were taken by Nick Kirk, who was driving the bus service coming behind our drive around the block.  My grateful thanks to Nick for taking the photographs and for permission to share and to Llywelyn Griffiths for making the arranging to share the photographs.  Thank you both.