New ‘Top 1’ headlamps

Two new ‘Top 1’ headlamps delivered today for CRG163 with grateful thanks to Jonathan Radley, fellow preservationist and owner of the fantastic preserved Red & White Bristol RELH ECW coach OAX9F from 1968: .

There are 4 headlamps on CRG163, double headlamps each side, one being the dip beam and the other being the full beam.  ‘Top 1‘ lenses are full beam and ‘Top 2’ are the dip beam.  When the vehicle is on dipped beam two ‘Top 2's headlamps are on and on full beam the ‘Too 1's go on to have four lights on.

The correct configuration of headlamps on CRG163 should be ‘Top 2’ headlamps at the top of each double headlamps and ‘Top 1’ headlamps for the lower position.

However at present CRG163’s headlamp configuration is as follows: x2 ‘Top 2’ headlamps on top, but with one weathered ‘Top 1’ on the bottom offside and a third ‘Top 2’ on the bottom nearside position.

Both new ‘Top 1’ headlamps will now replace both lower headlamps and will ensure the correct headlamp configuration as well as replacing the weathered headlamp.