Road testing continues - our second nocturnal road run

The internal cleaning of CRG163 is completed followed by further road testing through a nocturnal road run.

CRG163’s new lights tested before our nocturnal road run.

An evocative evening photograph of a clean interior looking from front to back.  A view so often seen by drivers of the time from their internal mirror.

Another evening photograph of a clean interior looking from the rear of the vehicle to the front.

Whilst cleaning the underside of the cushion displaying CRG163 in chalk.  A practice that would be undertaken back in the day by workshop staff.  This cushion must have followed CRG163 over the years as from 1979 to 1984 the vehicle would have been downgraded to a dual purpose vehicle and reclassified as an ERG in Crosville’s fleet.

A video filmed by my youngest son as we departed on nocturnal road run.

This video has again been filmed by my youngest son of CRG163 being out through her paces on our nocturnal road run.  The vehicle performed beautifully without issue.  The video is 8 minutes in length but provides a good opportunity to hear the various wonderful engine sounds produced by the Bristol RE including the classic whine only made by such a vehicle.