From the 10th of June 2002 onwards active restoration of CRG163 begins taking two years to complete.  Hundreds of miles are travelled across the UK in the search for parts.  The furthest location being the Scotch Corner in sourcing six hubs (wheels).

Some of the photos captured during CRG163’s two year restoration.  My dear Father is seen top left who was supportive then and continues to be supportive as we undertake further restoration to CRG163.

The restoration work undertaken on CRG163 included but not restricted to the following;

  • a complete mechanical overhaul including the fitting of new air and water pipes throughout and the repair of air bag levelling valves;  vehicle entrance door mechanisms and driver cab electrics;
  • securing a full set of six rims (wheels) from the Scotch Corner on realisation that six different sized incorrect rims were fitted by the previous owner
  • six new tyres;
  • recasting the steering wheel - north of Manchester;
  • repair to vehicle alternator - Liverpool
  • rebuilding the wooden frames of all side lockers - nearside and offside;
  • New window rubbers supplied from a specialist company - all round including destination displays and side panels above front wheels - nearside and offside to hold the ‘Crosville’ name once again
  • complete sanding down of the entire body work (with grateful support from my Father);
  • complete respray of the vehicle to NATIONAL white;
  • complete internal repaint;
  • Sourcing of original coloured green external beading all round on all bright work;
  • Sourcing of new metal grey and black fleet plates re-created exactly to the original design and specification of CRG163 down to the detail of the text font and dimensions used thus reinstating 163 to its original CRG fleet status.  This replaced the stickers used by the previous owner;
  • Sourcing the correct paint and colour match of grey for the vehicle rims (wheels);
  • Sourcing the design specifications for the ‘NATIONAL’ branding as well as all vehicle legal lettering to the original design including font.  This included the ‘Crosville’ fleet name on the reinstated panel above the front wheels.  163 was now repainted in the NATIONAL livery and included all correct styling of legal lettering.  I was extremely lucky as my friend Derek Thompson who once worked for Crosville at its Caernarfon depot had retained the original specifications who kindly shared this with me.  Sadly Derek is no longer with us.  Thank you Derek so much for your kindness and friendship.

CRG163 restored to the National livery it once carried in the 1970’s with new stickers, fleet name and and branding produced in preparation for application.  My dear late Mother can be seen bottom right undertaking a bit of cleaning as finishing touches internally.