On 01 May 2004, CRG 163 is publicly unveiled for the first time following restoration at the Llandudno Transport Festival.  By now CRG 163 has been restored and repainted into the National white livery the vehicle carried between 1972 and 1979.  CRG 163 would also proudly carry new bespoke traditional metal fleet plates and as carried when new.

The initial four photographs below were taken early morning on Saturday the 01 May as final preparations were being made to publicly unveil restored CRG163 for the first time later in the morning.  Final touches included final visual checks of everything and the application of the orange show sticker on CRG163’s nearside windscreen.

This was extremely exciting as two years of restoration work culminated to this very point where only a few hours later CRG163 would be unveiled to everyone.  CRG163’s livery was kept as a secret and surprise to everyone.  It must be remembered that twenty years ago we didn’t have such things as the internet and social media platforms as we have today.

Early morning checks of restored CRG163

Restored CRG163 ready for Llandudno with event sticker placed on the nearside windscreen.

Offside view of restored CRG163 preparing for Llandudno.

Nearside photo of restored CRG163, ready now for the Llandudno Transport Festival.

Rear image of CRG163 preparing for the journey to Llandudno.

Arriving at the Llandudno Transport Festival

The first image of CRG163 entering the Llandudno Transport Festival shoe ground for the first time following restoration.

The rear view of CRG163 arriving the Llandudno Transport Festival show ground for the first time.  My grateful thanks to Noel Reed (Crosville) for the photographs.

Restored CRG163 at the Llandudno Festival of Transport on display.

Following the static show of vehicles at the Llandudno Festival of Transport a road run took place of most of the vehicle through Llandudno and around the Great Orme.  CRG163 is seen here driving through Llandudno as a part of the road run.

At the end of the road run around the Great Orme a number of preserved Crosville coaches pose together for a photo shoot.

CRG163 following the photo shoot of preserved Crosville vehicles.