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Croeso  / Welcome

Croeso i’n gwefan / Welcome to our website.

This website is dedicated to CRG163 and maps out her history with Crosville and then into preservation. It also pays tribute to the fantastic people that have been connected with the vehicle over the years and an insight into the human element that made the Crosville company what it was. Sadly some have passed away, but this website acts as a mark of respect as we remember them all. I‘ve always said without valuable, professional and dedicated staff an organisation is nothing.

This is a graphic design created by my youngest son (12 years old at the time), representing CRG163’s original fleet plate but with the Crosville name added.  Diolch yn fawr / Thank you.
My journey with CRG163 started back in 2002 when purchased from Gordon Bate, who’d initially purchased the vehicle from Crosville in 1984. Following purchase I undertook a detailed and extensive restoration of the vehicle between 2002 and 2004, followed by attendance at various bus preservation shows and rallies across North Wales, Cheshire, Merseyside and Shropshire until around 2009.

Unfortunately due to the throws of life CRG163 was placed on the back burner in 2009, which was further compounded by parking, maintenance and accessibility issues for many subsequent years. Owning and maintaining a preserved vehicle is no easy task between the cost involved and securing ample parking space and maintenance facilities.

During February of 2020 CRG163 was moved to a new location closer to our home with access available at the time to engineering, electricity and water facilities for the next phase in CRG163’s continued restoration. Unfortunately due to Covid19 a world wide emergency emerged and subsequently any work on CRG163 was paused indefinitely.

Fast forwarding to June, 2021, when Covid restrictions eased and access was again possible to CRG163.

During CRG163’s first restoration under my ownership from 2002 I would like to thank my Father for his valued support; my Mother for her support (who sadly passed away unfortunately in 2006) and many other people including friends from across the bus industry and preservation movement at the time.

Now facing CRG163’s second restoration it is again very special to me as my family; my wife Nia, and our two wonderful young sons, Ioan and Gethin are also joining the journey in getting CRG163 back on the road in writing our next chapter with CRG163 for the next generation. This time around, nearly 20 years on from CRG163’s initial restoration under my ownership, tracking down parts from across the UK involving telephone calls and letters through the post has now become easier. We are now intertwining the old (CRG163 - not me!) with the new through modern technology such as this website, e-mails and social media platforms, aided again by my two fantastic sons who are also involved with this website and restoration.

I hope you enjoy this website as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. Additional pages will be added over the coming months. Please join us in CRG163’s on-going journey by following us on our website and subscribing to our updates.

Best wishes,

Richard Lloyd Jones and family

Preserved CRG163 at Birkenhead, Woodside Ferry terminal - October 2004.

  • CRG163 dates back to 2006 and was taken by Derek Thompson, a close friend
  • CRG163‘s new fleet plate following 2002 to 2004 restoration
  • CRG163 restored and preserved in her 1970’s ‘NATIONAL’ livery.

In Memory

The following photograph is in memory of my Mum. So very supportive of my endeavours with CRG163 and seen here cleaning the interior of restored and preserved CRG163 in 2004 in preparation for its official unveiling a few days later. Unfortunately my Mum passed away on the 3rd of October 2006 from Cancer.

Er cof / In memory.

In memory of my Mum, Marian who sadly passed away at the beginning of October 2006 from illness.  She encouraged and supported me with the initial restoration and preservation of CRG163.  Diolch Mam / Thank you Mum.

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