CRG163 surprises the Crosville Enthusiasts Club 1967 North Wales tour by appearing at Conwy through a surprise arrangement with the late Gwyn Taylor-Williams, conveying members to Bangor.

It was an absolutely amazing day as Mr Jack Cowap was on board, 88 years old and former driver of CRG 163 when based at Crosville’s Edge Lane depot operating the Liverpool - London service.

Also on the same journey was another valuable passenger in the form of Bob Moelfre (Robert Roberts).  Bob once worked at Crosville’s Amlwch depot and drive many miles with CRG 163 when as ERG 163 on the X10 from Cemaes Bay to Liverpool.  Bob was now 78 years old and drove restored CRG 163 around the Cibyn Industrial Estate on the same afternoon.  What an absolute magic moment!

The CEC tour arrives in former Crosville EOG210 (C210 GTU).

Our very dear friend to so many, the late Gwyn Taylor-Williams, CEC review editor at the time who had arranged the surprise of CRG163 appearing on the day with CEC member Richard Hughes to the right.

CEC members continue to disembark from former Crosville EOG210.

CEC members aboard CRG163 ready for their surprise trip to Caernarfon with many well known faces including Merfyn Jones (ex Crosville) front left; Bill Barlow (ex Crosville) front right; Richard Hughes behind right; and Gwyn Taylor-Williams, third behind right.  Bill Barlow would have driven CRG163 in service back in the day with Crosville from its Liverpool Edge Lane depot.

In memory of our very dear friend, Gwyn.

CRG163 parked on the forecourt of Arriva’s Bangor depot.  This was once a Crosville depot and would have serviced CRG163 back in the day when with Crosville as ERG163 when based at the company’s Amlwch depot from 1979 to 1984.

A close up image of CRG163 at Arriva Bangor depot with Bob ‘Moelfre’ Roberts seen in the front nearside seat smartly dressed as always.  Bob used to drive CRG163 as ERG163 from Crosville’s Amlwch depot, covering many miles on the Saturday express service X10 from Cemaes Bay to Liverpool.  CRG163 would proudly display ‘X10 AMLWCH’ on it’s destination blind for the whole day out of respect for Bob an fellow staff from Crosville’s Amlwch depot.

Mr Jack Cowap behind the wheel of CRG163, retired Crosville driver from the company’s former Liverpool, Edge Lane depot.  Mr Cowap was 87 years old in this photograph, shortly 88 years old the following month.  Mr Cowap would have driven CRG163 when new on the prestigious express coach service between Liverpool and London.

Mr Cowap sitting behind the wheel of CRG163 once again having covered many miles behind the wheel back in the day with Crosville.

A close up image of Mr Cowap behind the wheel of CRG163.

In memory of Mr Cowap.

Mr Cowap standing in front of CRG163 when parked at the Bangor Clock bus station.

Myself and Bob Moelfre standing in front of CRG163 when parked at the Bangor Clock bus station with ‘X10 AMLWCH’ proudly displayed on the vehicle’s destination out of respect for Bob and fellow staff from the company’s former Amlwch depot.

This is a photo taken of Bob ‘Moelfre’ Roberts behind the wheel of CRG163 again as he drove the vehicle so magnificently around the Cibyn Industrial Estate in Caernarfon.  By now Bob was 78 years old, but age was nothing in how he drove CRG163, I felt very honoured.  In my ownership of CRG163 this was one of those special moments I will always remember.

In memory of our dear and valued friend, Bob ‘Moelfre’.

A photo of Bob ‘Moelfre’ Roberts back in his days with Crosville.  From left to right in the photograph: Dewi Roberts, Bob ‘Moelfre’ Roberts and Eric Driver on the forecourt of Crosville’s Holyhead depot in the early 1980’s with ERL298 in Town Lynx livery behind.

Another photograph of Bob ‘Moelfre’ Roberts.  This time arriving Delamere bus and coach station, Chester on his way from Cemaes Bay to Liverpool on the X10 service.

The above photos of Bob ‘Moelfre’ Roberts during his days with Crosville have been kindly provided by Dewi Roberts.  Thank you Dewi.

Crosville Enthusiasts’ Club (1967)

The day’s events were laterally captured in issue 440, of the Crosville Enthusiasts’ Club (1967) review in August 2004 and reproduced below through kind permission of the club.  My thanks also to Andrew Hamer for some of the images above who is a member of the CEC.

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This sub-page of CRG163‘s timeline web-page is dedicated in memory to Bob ‘Moelfre’ Roberts; Gwyn Taylor-Williams and Mr Jack Cowap.